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If you are in the area...

I am giving a talk this Saturday in the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge:

Earth Talks. Feel free to pop in if you are in the area, it's free admission and there are other family based activities happening in the museum during the day.


Corporate speak...

I can laugh now (how I laugh) after escaping the mire of an organisation being dragged down by an American business model some 10 years out of date now...

...but it still raises the blood pressure to come across examples of the silly lengths some companies will go to, to disguise their actual identities.

A 'Waste Management Park' is a 'Dump' pure and simple.

A 'Retail Parc' is obviously something run and managed by either someone without a proof reading facility or pretensions to moving their business elsewhere in Europe

I could quote many examples, but at least the UK gets its own back with the following:

'Family Butcher'

'Neighbourhood recycling centre'

How I grinned to see the look of horror on the face of a visiting researcher from the States when I introduced him to these two beauties...
Ok, so bite me. But here it is, my nose has been so firmly pressed into books by and about Charles Darwin that it has kind of sucked up all of my spare reading time. Now that the first of the Darwin projects are under control, I began reading "The Year of the Hare" by Arto Paasilinna on the bus to work this morning. So far quite hilarious with short chapters devoted to different characters but all having in common the thread of the man Vatanen with a wild hare poking its head and ears out of his jacket...

Radio silence...broken!

Well, that is the house move over and I started work in Cambridge on Monday. A really frienly, relaxed and happy environment. I made the right decision leaving Edinburgh when I did. *phew*

Blackcurrant Communications...

You want to know how I tell that my blackcurrants are ripe and ready for picking...I'll tell you. I keep a sharp eye out for the Blackbird who appears in my garden and seems remarkably friendly with me (taking worms from the hand etc.) See when my back is turned? The feathered thief is onto the currants and my dreams of ice cream and tangy berries dissapears down his gullet.

Such is Nature, such is life!

Intelligent Finance?

Who created that then?

Anyhow, something to mull over, a recent read


Golden larch bonsai taken on August 4th 2007


August 5th 2007 just didn't shine...


Aniseed and damp

Bronze Fennel in my garden after a mizzly day in August